Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia harbour is a beloved spot in Northern Cyprus not just for its looks with the magnificent castle in the backdrop, but also because it offers an array of restaurants and cafes. Although picturesque, Kyrenia has much more to offer than just the harbour. If you walk through the town’s old streets, you’ll always be nearby the Lusignan walls and towers that once surrounded it. For those who love to shop till they drop, Kyrenia boasts stores selling everything from designer clothes to Cypriot antiques. Lastly, some of areas best restaurants are hidden away in alleyways off the main drag.

The Kyrenia Castle, located at the harbor entrance, is a beautifully preserved castle that offers insight into the Cyprus’ rich history. In addition to housing the Northern Cyprus shipwreck museum, the castle also affords visitors stunning views of the ancient port.

Kyrenia Castle is a medieval castle located in the town of Kyrenia on the northern coast of Cyprus. The first evidence of a castle dates back to Roman times, but it was later used by the Byzantines and Lusignans. In its current appearance, it mostly dates back to Venetian rule around 1489.

Today, you approach the castle from the south side via a long ramp, which passes by the mausoleum of an Ottoman admiral on the way. The central area is bordered by guardrooms, stables, and living quarters. Paths lead to fortifications on the higher sections of the walls from here. You may also go up steps to visit royal apartments and a little chapel located near them.

If you explore the castle deeply enough, you’ll find its dungeons, storage rooms, and gunpowder magazines. It’s well worth climbing to the top of Kyrenia Castle’s battlements too so that you can see the gorgeous harbor and shimmering Mediterranean Sea in one direction while also seeing mountains in another direction.

The Hideaway Club Hotel is located just a few minutes’ drive from the most accessible of all historical sites in Northern Cyprus, namely Bellapais Abbey and Saint Hilarion Castle. The town is a great place to spend time in, and you’ll find yourself coming back again and again to eat or simply relax and watch the world go by!