Vouni Palace

Vouni Palace is a close proximity to the village of Lefke in Northern Cyprus and it was constructed by the Persians around 400 BC. The palace had a very short lifespan as it was only used for 100 years until it caught on fire and burned down.

The Palace of Knossos is a magnificent site located in the Paphos District, northwest of the city. The monument, which was built during the Hellenistic period, covers an area of 2 hectares and rises up to 10m above sea level. It is assumed that it was initially built with around 140 rooms and is made up of three terraces with fountains, courtyards, and shrines. In the 1920s, significant archeological research was carried out at Vouni, where gold and silver jewelry, silverware, and coins were discovered.

The drive to the site is tight and steep, but it may be visited by car. Even if you don’t care about history, the views are well worth seeing!