Northern Cyprus

The official name of Northern Cyprus is The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This island has always been essential due to its location in the center of many trade routes.

If you take a trip to Northern Cyprus today, you’ll find that it still strongly resembles the Cyprus of years past. In fact, many tourist writers have referred to it as “the Mediterranean resort that time forgot.” And there’s good reason for this comparison! AlthoughNorthern Cyprus is quite modern and cosmopolitan in a number of ways, there’s still an underlying feeling of friendly relaxation here reminiscent of childhood holidays.

North Cyprus has a lot to offer for any vacationer, with a perfect climate and lots of things to do. There are magnificent historical monuments in the north, including Saint Hilarion Castle, Bellapais Abbey, and the Roman city of Salamis. The north boasts several beautiful towns filled with history and shopping opportunities a plenty, such as Kyrenia and Famagusta. Naturalists may observe almost untouched vast areas of natural beauty like the Karpaz Peninsula or simply walk among nature’s wonders.

If you’re looking for a sunny vacation spot with beautiful beaches, Cyprus is one of the best places to go. Northern Cyprus has some of the island’s best beaches, as well as great beach clubs.

Although the weather is not as warm as that of Europe, northern Cyprus has a lot to offer in terms of shopping options. North Cyprus offers just about every retail experience imaginable! There are many activities available for the adventurous and athletic – from SCUBA diving to water sports to go-karting, quad bike excursions, and horseback riding. You may also keep in mind that Northern Cyprus has some great eating establishments and bars!