Long admired for its stunning scenery and unspoiled natural beauty, Northern Cyprus is an absolute delight for walkers and ramblers. The possibilities here are all but endless and everything is on offer - from a short stroll to a five-day, guided trek. Whether you enjoy a brief amble, or are looking for a serious walking holiday, Northern Cyprus is definitely the place for you!

The spring, autumn and winter seasons are probably the best times for serious walking, as the climate is most favourable - neither too hot nor too cool. Walking in Cyprus in the summer months is wonderful, but the high temperatures mean shorter distances are best. At all times, it is sensible to carry plenty of fresh water, as even in the winter it can be surprisingly warm. In the spring, you will find the mountains and fields are covered in a blanket of wild flowers, including various varieties of rare orchids.

Some of the best holiday walking routes in Northern Cyprus can be found in the mountains and hillsides and there are numerous easy trails to follow. The surrounding villages close to The Hideaway Club Hotel offer fascinating treks with stunning views. Go slightly further afield to the area around Bellapais, and the mountains are sprinkled with ancient Crusader paths. Wherever you go, don't forget a camera as the views are absolutely stunning at almost every turn in the path.

There are a number of books available locally with mapped routes for north Cyprus walks and some local groups offer accompanied walking tours. We are happy to provide you with information and are now able to arrange guided walks for you.

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